Sunday, February 10, 2008

千六百〇六: Mahjong

Joined in my first mahjong session of the Lunar Year yesterday, and .. .. lost $50. :(

first time playing with D and his frens, turns out that i've been hearing the name of one of them for a while from another fren but didnt think that i would meet him at the mahjong game. another guy holds some super paying job and owns 2 cars, one of which is a Maserati (Spyder i think). I got to ride in it when he gave me a 3-minute ride home after the game :D very cool looking, but engine is disgustingly loud. good game, as in everyone was fast and 2 rounds finished at about 3am when we started at 9.30pm. but my luck just wasn't there as i was always stuck without cards to form even 1 double. but quite fun overall.. although this morning i am feeling very very headachy from the lack of sleep. zzzz

visited xH and the baby this morning (XX) and she was so cute! but... clingy to the mom and refused to let me carry her ;( only fed her, played with her abit when she sat on the ground, and tried to take photos with her. hehe

xx getting away
baby getting away

XX banging blocks together
baby playing with blocks

happy XX
a happy baby!

:D had a good afternoon playing with XX.


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