Thursday, February 07, 2008

千六百〇四: 新年快楽

A very normal workday today, even more hectic than usual because some people were just so uncooperative. But was good to receive angbao from our boss, even though she's japanese. :D

no dinner for me even, cos I had to work a little late and by the time i finished work my parents were heading to some uncle's house for dinner and there were screaming kids there so I totally did not feel like going. I have no tolerance towards ill-behaved kids. Yesterday's reunion dinner was pretty ok, first time in years the cousins have actually spoken and had any exchange of words with us. I dunno what happened.

Planning a trip to tokyo, probably in May. was expecting to go by myself actually cos I wanted to meet up with colleagues and ex-colleagues and other frens there but found a travel buddy by accident, an old fren who's already in Japan. we haven't met in years, would be fun to tour around for a week or so, especially in summer. :D:D at least something to look forward to, hopefully it isn't blackout period for my ticket redemption from UOB credit cards. & hopefully testing goes smoothly in May so that I can take my leave at that period w/o much problems.


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