Saturday, February 09, 2008

千六百〇五: Qooo

Did any one notice the Qoo mascot is using his breath to move his little boat along?

Qoo mascot puffing his way to safety
Qoo mascot puffing his way to safety

super cute. :D

This year's not bad, ang bao collections of nearly $200 over 2 days w/o having to visit anyone. People are more generous this year (better bonuses??) so I got alot more orange notes than purple notes this year. Many Japanese managers oso joined in local traditions in giving us red packets, $10 each, so its really a good haul. had dinner with S at Sketches on first day of CNY, cos my family went to the uncle's place (see previous post). I was ready to go home for maggi mee dinner, but tot I would try my luck and msged him and he said was ok to wait for me for dinner even though he already left. We headed to Chinatown, shops all closed, alot of PRC / Indians walking around, felt quite overwhelmed, so we headed to bugis.


Luckily, Sketches was open. Oh, then there were alot of disappointed looking tourists who was in Chinatown as well. I had a good chat with him, which was a relief, cos I really needed some guidance on the situation I was facing and felt so much better after the chat. Did some planning for the CNY gathering, decided what we needed. Haven't had a gathering at my place for ages, feeling abit nervous about it. Hopefully everything goes well and they enjoy the food / games.


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