Tuesday, February 19, 2008

千六百十一: Made in China

had a huge huge lunch today, 8 course chinese meal courtesy of our team's boss. We went to Made in China at Haw Par Villa (there were 3 tables of us, so about 30 pple??) must have been pretty pricey, cos there was a very huge plate of lohei, sharks fins, abalone with sea cucumber, wasabi tiger prawns, roast chicken, fish, glutinous rice and an almond soup with 湯円 with sesame filling. delicious! luckily I was at the Japanese table, no one dared to eat sea cucumber much so they just told me to eat everything up. with pleasure!!! in the end I ended up eating more than half of it myself. hohoho

my plate cleaned out of sea cucumbers

it was a 2 hours plus long lunch, and when we got back to work, we were so full and sleepy. couldn't stop yawning, everyone's brains could barely work, i guess this is the trade off between employee morale and productivity. high morale but low productivity after the lunch. hehehe.

but.. long lunch leads to long hours as well, there was work I had to do daily despite the hours, and I had to stay until 8pm to finish my work. luckily S helpfully kept me company by trying to beat my high score at Bejeweled. (of cos he can't). Tried to top up my ezlink card at the EZlink machine at the PSA bus stop but there was something wrong with it and it spat out my nets card so far when i pushed it in. was very surprised and luckily S was there to pick up my card. -.- in the end I travelled to harbourfront cos there was another machine at the bus stop but guess wat, the Nets reader is spoilt there too!!! aRGH! in the end had no choice but to walk into the MRT station just to top up the card. pui!!!!

next week will be the new year party. yay!


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