Sunday, February 17, 2008

千六百十: High Tea

Friday nite went to Vivocity with H and S and A. the 麻辣面 was pretty good, but not spicy at all. shared an ice kachang with them and had to eat about half of it cos the guys tot ice kachang tasted weird and another guy just hate to eat cold stuff. (he hates ice cream because they are cold -.-)

Saturday was French lesson and dinner at grandma's house. Noisy (abit bratty) boys were there. oh no, i really can't stand kids who are ill-behaved and I have the urge to raise a hand and slap them. was glad to go home finally as they were beginning to give me a headache with their screaming & shouting.

Sunday morning, woke up with a really weird dream of my sis abandoning me while holidaying in bangkok and I couldn't remember our hotel's name. Then dreamt of R and K and I was trying to avoid both people and see them both at the same time and woke up feeling very torn and tired. Decided to head to marina square with my parents who were going there to meet an Italian supplier who's in town. My dad treated him to high tea and he asked us if we wanted to eat :D we ate at Mandarin Oriental hotel & it was very worth it. saw a woman steal bread into her bag to try to dapao it back though. very disgusted, did she need to do that!? ok back to the high tea, it was about $33 per person and soo much variety. their roast duck in particular, was exquisitely fatty. (my diet for the week was ruined by this meal) finally finished at about 3.30pm and we went to marina square to look at shoes. Chanced upon the john Little sale and i got 2 pairs for $37 after using my $50 robinson's voucher. :D a pair of gold tracce sandals and a pair of white everbest wedges. my first pair of wedges with abit of psychedelic colours on the wedge. pretty cool. I finished quite quickly and spent the next 3 hours waiting for my parents to finish shopping. very bored, and sat outside at the side near Ritz to enjoy the breeze (strong winds most of the time) and play ds until my eyes started to hurt. :(

roast duck and siew mai

Dessert at aquamarine High Tea

looking up from my couch

finally reached home at about 9+ and did some skipping to get rid of today's meal. hopefully next week i can keep to the no extra sugar diet.


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