Monday, February 11, 2008

千六百〇七: CNY gathering 2008

Gathering ended successfully! :D

steamboat for lunch~~ was preparing the food this morning until about 12 when S suddenly msged me that he reached and could he come in. I was like ok, just walk in, and i realised I was still in my sleeping wear... so in 5 min i had to wash up, put on some decent clothes and look decent (face still had all the pimples so i look horrendous in the morning) luckily, S walked very slowly, so when I was about ready, he just barely reached. hehe.

He helped me get some of the vegetables ready (cut and wash) but luckily I had cut up most of the fish. it was hard to cut fish.. at least i learnt something..

everyone else was kind of late, so lunch only started at about 1pm. but it was fun, and i dunno why i kept taking S's ladle instead of my own. they kept laughing at me, and i felt quite silly. haha. but everyone brought tidbits, so we had more than enuff food.

After lunch, we played Uno. Super fun, especially since we haven't played it in a long time.
Harry Potter Uno

Poor S, he didnt win a single game, but every one on his left kept winning. very funny and unlucky. A had to go back early, so later on, when there were 5 of us left, we played Mario Kart. had to stop the games when my parents came back though. must set up a mahjong game next time ~~~


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