Saturday, February 23, 2008

千六百十四: 月末

Finally nearing the end of February.

Feeling unwell these few days, came down with a cough, and have been having headaches at work so took 1 panadol everyday. today i seemed to be having fever and my hands felt numb.

Stayed up late doing french homework the night before, cos we were supposed to submit a paragraph describing a country to our teacher by email so that he can correct it before class tomorrow and the short paragraph took me an hour. -.- I want to say so many things in Japanese but nothing came out in French. hmmm

and then now suffering from cramps. very unfortunate this had to happen now of all time, cos I had some stuff planned next week and this would really be a hassle.

at least february is a short month so its very fast to the next pay day ;D


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