Thursday, March 06, 2008

千六百二十: お握り

Waiting for K to finish his mandarin lessons b4 he can have dinner with me.

Update on the Onigiri we made at S's place -
amateur お握りs

The ones on the left made by S, the ones on the right made by me. (can see who got abit more of aesthetic sense right?) despite the shape, the taste pretty good, we added some fishy stuff that was like salmon or something in the onigiris and this became our lunch.

sighz. this seems to be the only way i'm breathing nowadays. by ため息。

thinking of cutting my hair until a shocking length in a few days. apparently my face is 卵 (egg) shaped in Japanese. hmm. i think the thing about cutting hair when girls have had a big shock or some major problem or depressing event is true. sighz. just want to do some change to make myself feel alot better.

i was wondering, did anyone ever die of a broken heart before?


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