Wednesday, March 05, 2008

千六百十九: Gone

spent an evening with Ryo when he came last nite for a day of meeting investors today. He was staying in Mandarin Oriental Hotel and i must say, the room was wonderful. Except for some glitches - hairdryer not working ( very crucial in the early morning panic, pts down) and the tv had no sound due to the connection being loose on their very complicated machine set up to the theatre system in the room. They were paying corporate rates, so it was about $300 for their 1 night stay.

We had dinner together (Ryo & my family), just some simple zichar, and my sisters were trying to make simple conversation (in mix of watever japanese they know + English) and Ryo just kept deferring to me which was very funny.

after dinner, parents drove us back to the hotel, and it was already 10plus by then.. took some pictures of the room b4 we messed it up. No pictures of the view outside, we were facing the suntec convention centre and all we could see was some sort of tennis court. very boring.

the very comfortable bed

the 32" or bigger tv and workspace

2 tired people

almost didn't wake up in time for work, then took a cab there. bad day at work, bad news first thing in the morning causing me to feel like shit the rest of the day. I hope the participants in the bad news rot in hell. but i'm strong, will get over this shit, sleep over it tonight and put up stronger defences around myself next time.

tonight Ryo managed to arrange for me to join in dinner with him and my ex-boss from capcom and the credit suisse guy who arranged this trip. We had dinner at Palm Beach Seafood at One Fullerton, it was not bad. service quite prompt as well. the best thing of the night was the kong ba bao, no pics unfortunately cos i was with businessmen and not frens, dun wan to look silly taking pics of every dish... and the chicken wafer (something like peking duck but in chicken) was pretty good. They loved the teochew yam paste dessert, which was quite surprising to me, cos i always found it too sweet. (abit strange since I'm teochew). had a mug of beer and dinner ended at about 8pm as they had to catch a flight to dubai at 10pm.. so thats it, Ryo is gone again.


will only see him in May.

and the 2 months of anticipating his 1 nite business trip is over just like that.



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