Friday, March 07, 2008

千六百二十一: Drastic changes

I've finally done it.

Hair I've not let grow shorter than shoulder length since JC, I've finally cut it above shoulder length once and for all. It was longer than mid-back, and about 2 inches below my boobs this morning. I feel quite naked somehow, without the hair to hide behind, or to have something to fidget with my fingers when I dunno where to put my hands. on a lighter side, this should reduce my appeal level regarding unwanted attention. :s should have less temptation and bad people trying to hook on to me after this (because... i hv short hair now... (T.T))

I guess I do feel lighter somehow.

went to the weighing machine after the haircut and I had lost 1 kg after the haircut. :D

things were almost back to normal on the bus today. Maybe its better that things stay this way, rather than me unable to get rid of the hate in me. some small part of me is hoping for a change of mind someday.

hoping for something to happen is something i'm getting good at doing..

as xq described aptly, some part of us already feel dead inside.

I should rest alot more this weekend.


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