Sunday, March 16, 2008

千六百三十: 計画

3 months have almost gone by in 2008.

So many things have happened.

Some things I need to do within the week:
  • cancel the citi platinum card - have only used it like 2x in 11 months
  • buy kaya for a Japanese ex-colleague
  • get / read the Leap Years book
  • finish up the 2008 Fengshui for Dogs book at Popular
  • print out my sister's stuff
  • pay sis's hp bill and the house phone bill (because I chalked up 98% of the bill with calls to Japan)
  • check out / purchase some stuff in USD (in view of such a low exchange rate, cannot let this opportunity go)
  • check mphosis dress
  • go ANA to pay for airpass on Thursday
wow. very packed week.


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