Thursday, March 13, 2008

千六百二十七: Fengshui


is thursday?

Losing track of days.

was reading the Fengshui book for 2008 of Dog year people and i was surprised to see how accurate it was in term of dates and predictions. Maybe I should have read it earlier. But at least i managed to read the predictions or description for the next month before i had to leave. Next month will be a prickly month for love. :s

ham-ham says "rawr!"

very sleepy now, but mom just keeps on nagging and nagging. most irritating thing of the evening, my dad went to leave a bite sized piece of fish on the plate and then left the whole plate there saying he wasnt the last person to eat finish the fish. HUH?? in that case next time i wont even touch the dishes, just finsh rice and then wash up my stuff???


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