Sunday, March 16, 2008

千六百二十九: 恋空

Last night we went to Food Republic at Vivocity for A's farewell dinner but in the end she couldn't make it, due to sudden work issues which cropped up. Our team went ahead and had dinner, then drinks at the outdoor lounge of St James, and it was pretty good atmosphere there. they had swing seats but the cushions on the couches were abit irritating, as they kept sliding off. & I guess I was too tired from the work week, 1 draft beer was enough to make me feel drowsy and abit tipsy. After that, I took H & M to Fong Seng for roti prata. they were very happy to try the banana prata and the seafood prata and introduced them to dinosaurs. they were very happy :)

the guys at St James

H trying out his first bandung Dinosaur

YH lent me his Anna Sui Lomo camera today. Supersampler I think? and his fisheye device for the digital camera. very cool! sample of the fisheye shot:

Anna Sui Supersampler
the supersampler in a bubble

Went for dinner to celebrate W's birthday at MOF at Bugis, its pretty good, and then we went to cineleisure to watch 恋空 (Sky of Love).


the movie was such a touching movie that I was crying buckets.. I realise movies with teenage love and illness will almost always make me cry. (referring to A walk to remember by Nicholas Spark which made me cry even after 3 times of watching it) but its really those super heart wrenching story in between and u just wan to cry along with the actors ... :( glad i watched it, haven't watched such a emotional movie in a while.

reached home nearly 2am, due to missing the last bus and making a stupid mistake of taking the last train until woodlands then taking cab. so tired.. so nitez!


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