Thursday, March 20, 2008

千六百三十二: 160GB

yay! I got myself a 160GB external portable 2.5" hard disk drive finally. at $139 its pretty reasonable, and I'm in the process of transferring all the media stuff from my laptop to it. (laptop has only 600MB free space left.....)

I'm transferring my photos and it suddenly struck me, what if the hard disk spoils, since i never back up the hard disk. my photos how?! then i thought, hmm no end to it, since i uploaded everything on flickr already anyway, should be fine, after all thats wat i'm subscribing to flickr for anyway. so .. nvm, just carry on. if only i hadn't deleted 2 episodes of my 魔女ユーヒーdrama 2 days ago to create some space. (T.T)

today is Spring Equinox day, (a public holiday) and got to run a few errands. mainly payment for the air tix, maybe going to the bank, maybe mosaic class? then dinner with the excapcom pple.


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