Saturday, March 29, 2008

千六百三十九: Holiday Plans

Yay! Spoke with Ryo and we decided to stay in Hyatt Regency for a weekend. I'll ask L to help me book a room on Monday. hee:D

Went for french today and I realised that I really can't be lazy. My mind was totally blank when he spoke to me and I just couldn't answer, even simple numbers. wanted to say dix-cinq for 15 when the actual word was quinze, and luckily the other girl said it first and Christophe (our teacher) made a joke out of it. and i was picked as victim for the conversation, but the guy kept asking questions from what they learnt last week, and I was like Uh OH... totally didn't understand him. and the conversation dragged on for quite a bit. -.- must start revising and forward reading tomorrow.

Shoko-san's farewell dinner at Himawari restaurant in the evening. alot of people I didn't know came to the dinner, mostly her own friends, while I went with A-san and Y-san. Throughout dinner, they were giving me advice on how to find job in Japan, and I really appreciate it. One of the girls from the fashion show had just joined Tempstaff and also asked her to assist in getting jobs. :D must start doing some search on the open positions myself.

Shoko-san tried to see what I was in my past life. She said I was this Japanese samurai guard, a boy, with a big white dog standing guard with me. Interesting.

Accidentally caught the re-telecast of 「トリハダ〜夜更かしのあなたにゾクッとする話」 on fujitv. Scary!!! but I dun really understand. cos all the stories didn't show their ending. as in the ending is just the victims screaming or something. so what really happened to them? and how did the stalker/watever or whoever that was sending them the weird messages get into their rooms?? hmmmm. and i didn't realise my sisters all went to sleep liao. only me awake!! eeeks


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