Sunday, March 23, 2008

千六百三十四: Bonus!

At the beginning of this month, I had sent back some insurance policy within the 14-day free look period I had signed up for over the phone, and as there had been no word from them since, I had thought that they were probably going to drag the refunding process. But, received a pleasant surprise last evening at the mailbox. They had sent me a cheque refund of the premium paid, and now I have an extra $300+ I had written off as an expenditure. :D but gotta put that in the HSBC account for the annual premium instead.. i'm still 1k short to meet the $3k payment in September. argh. 

reminder to myself -> to put aside money for lasik and ryo's present as well

very bad stomachache yesterday so skipped French class and took a rest at home. Could be due to the overdose of otah I ate in the office for lunch (I ate like 10 otahs?!) and snack as there was an abundance of them cos the Japanese pple in the office don't really like spicy stuff. paid for it yesterday though.. :( 

just started using Apple Safari on my laptop as my default browser (dlded it with the latest itunes upgrade) and its pretty cool. firefox is actually more userfriendly (more intuitive) like the bookmarks option for example, but took me sometime to figure out why i couldn't import my firefox bookmarks into the safari bookmark menu. confusing!! trying to get used to it now, hope it gets better?

had a weird dream that I was sunbathing and then went into a male toilet w/o realising it until 2 guys walked in while I was using the loo. totally embarrassing. and what a strange dream.


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