Tuesday, March 25, 2008

千六百三十五: ぷよぷよ

Finally it was games night tonight. Fever and headache from yesterday was much better this morning, didn't wake up with my head throbbing at least. was talking about ぷよぷよ (puyopuyo) at lunch and we decided to have a competition in the evening after work. All in good fun, cos I definitely wasn't going to win at this. hehe. too lazy to think about creating chains. but strangely, after an evening of playing, I got slightly better, and managed to win 1 game against Shinji. :D it was totally unexpected and I felt very happy after that.

Unexpected stretch of time with just the 2 of us today. I didn't realise how much I had missed our chats, since we haven't had anytime to the 2 of us for me to have any heart to heart talk or just confide in or even just complain or ask for advice since after the incident. and of course, once I started talking, it was like a flood, so many things came to my mind that I wanted to tell him about. Of course, after that, felt considerably lighter inside, and even though things might never be the same as before, it was nearer towards the way they were now. I don't feel so angry now, (maybe cos I'm sick) but I do feel less of the barrier and of me wanting to be sarcastic to hurt him or something. sighz.

& got mad at the way I was talked down to today. (I won a really cute toy at the Earth Hour Brownbag session today but thats besides the point). I dunno wats wrong with every one nowadays, is it the weather? why do they push me for stuff they dunno much about, when they think they noe the urgency when I actually know i know better and I know what i'm doing which is why I chose to work later the day before to give me more time to play with today? I control my own working time and style and I hate it when people try to control that for me. Do I give you much trouble usually? sighz. these human matters give me more stress than if my work was piled up like mountains.

almost 3 years anniversary soon. how time flies.


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