Wednesday, March 26, 2008

千六百三十六: 上々

I haven't been able to breathe these 2 - 3 weeks at work, things have been so crazy. Finally a little bit of chance to breathe today, at least no one tried to bully me today and I had bit of time to relax and do my own stuff. & to tell the truth, I just felt so sick of UAT suddenly, having a headache and a cough all in the same day. so was glad for abit of chance to clear my head and think about how to proceed more systematically with UAT and showing the results clearer and proceeding faster and covering more scenarios as well. have to map out the excel sheet before I start doing testing tomorrow.

feeling lighter today, less of the horrible awkward feelings that have been making me dread work for the past month. today walked together and had a silly casual chat almost like what it was before.

the intense attempt to lose abit of the excess weight above 45KG for the past month seems to be working, partly due to illness I guess, at least 1.5 kg is gone. another maybe 1.5kg to go I think, but probably all the work stress will take the weight off soon by end of next month. actually, speaking of work stress, the stress isn't from the work i get or do (i actually draw energy from them) but rather, the stress is coming from all the people-handling in the office. all the crazy things other people due to you, it's alot alot more stress inducing than the PC.

so tempted to buy up all the magazines in kinokuniya this month. there were at least 5 with my idol on the cover, cos of his new drama coming out soon. so delicious looking despite his age. yummy!!

Kimura Takuya

have just been informed of an 8am meeting tomorrow. have to sleep now i guess. おやすみ☆


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