Thursday, March 27, 2008

千六百三十七: APRIL Please!!

This morning I got the idea to just spend a weekend at a nice hotel in Osaka with Ryo when I'm there. We always stay at the weekly mansions, which is a big ease on the pocket, and very cozy, but sometimes, space is necessary. 2 pple in a tight space all the time, the tension is bound to get higher and higher. and then, the bed is the only wide space for sitting around, so u end up doing everything on the bed (using pc, watching tv, playing game, sleeping, relaxing, eating snacks .... ) and the bed becomes really kind of dirty after a while. Back to the nice hotel idea, checked the websites of Hyatt (to accumulate more points on my Hyatt membership) and the prices were abit steep. (3d2N for 64000yen was the cheapest package; that's about S$890!) then decided to ask L, our admin person in the team to check corporate rates to see if I could get something in the same hotel at a much better rate. Luckily, I asked, she enquired with our travel desk and got back with very good prices that's about half the prices I mentioned. hee hee! now all i gotta do is discuss with Ryo to pick the hotel he wants (L got me a few good ones, really owe her a favour after this) and then can ask her to book le. yay!

But it's still a long wait till I can see him, more than a month away. only thing to look forward to is payday tomorrow, for some short term gratification.

I think I should stop thinking things are better. He seemed kinda mean today. I should just stop thinking about this incident anymore even. I wish he was just not in the office more. I may miss having him around when he's not around, at least I dun feel shitty or in that awkward state of not knowing whether things are back to normal. and its alot easier to get over the person w/o having his presence around most of day. How to try to forget/ignore someone who is around all the time?! 陰魂不散。 argh.

why isn't it end of april yet???


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