Monday, March 31, 2008

千六百四十一: The Bucket List

The Bucket List

As usual, the scathing sarcasm in Jack Nicholson's movie never fails to cheer me up. :D We will be losing a really good actor when he passes on. The movie was heartwarming, very funny, but also sad at the same time. I kept worrying when either of them was going to pass away in the show, due to their illness. I was reading N's blog about his grandma's passing on last week and I was almost in tears at the end of it. I guess most of us just take the elderly in our family for granted and we grimace at their nagging and their odd habits. But it's too late to show them we love them only after they leave us and it's often too late we realise that we won't have them back in our lives forever. :( must learn to treasure pple in our lives more, you never know when they will leave you for good.

On a lighter note, a new Singaporean seafood restaurant has set up shop in Kanagawa, near Tokyo. it's called Singapore Seafood Republic - http://www.wonderland.to/pc/ssr/index.html and the prices are crazily expensive by SIngapore standards. But I guess pretty ok pricing by Tokyo standards. But why the word republic in the name again? to remind people that we are Republic of SG? hmm..

I was watching a tv program that was comparing living standards in Japan with other countries and apparently, cost of living in Japan is 54 times that of Vietnam. (o.O)

There is a 20% off on all tops at River Island at vivocity by the way. got myself a blouse (not very cheap after discount still but it was sooo nice) and was at zara and found myself a top that doubled as a dress. that was cheaper than the River Island top actually. hmm. ok, some retail therapy (didn't buy any clothes since January when I bought the dress for the office new year party & only the 2 pairs of shoes during the John Little with my voucher) did make me happier today. :D so the next time i shop for clothing should be in Tokyo. Must 忍!

another 26 more days to taking off and seeing Ryo. Time passes alot more slowly when u're counting down time.


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