Sunday, April 06, 2008

千六百四十六: Big Clean up

Today channel U was showing the replay (再放送) of 《唯我独尊》 and it happened to be the hunk episode. The most hunky one of course was the greek-singaporean guy, Gavrill. see his photo:

he's so handsome! compared to the other guys, who look a little young? especially those photos with him having long hair, he looks like those models on romance novels' covers. :D

Did a spring cleaning today, mainly of my cosmetics and skincare products and alot of mail that had been piling up.

skincare & perfume


Decided to put all the stuff I always use in a more organised manner outside and the stuff I can bring for travel in a separate bag. Also, took out alot of stuff I bought but haven't really used cos they were in their packaging in the drawer rather than outside. (But the boxes and packaging all look too pretty to open!!) was looking at xx's post of her room, she has a darn lot of makeup but must give her some credit for the fact that everything was so organised. Must get some of the multi-compartment containers. have been using shoe boxes for the skincare, if you look at photo on top, u can see the URS box i think. save the environment - reuse and recycle!! was thinking about the upcoming trip, I think i want to get the ziplock bags that can remove the air from all of them (very space saving) that K was showing me, since I travel so much. Also long overdue was a shower-friendly bag for all the stuff I bring (facial stuff/shower stuff etc). threw away like 3 ntuc bags of garbage today in the cleanup.

Filed income tax finally on friday afternoon, yesterday's weather was horrendously warm. went to Kino after French, it had to start pouring then. Didn't see any book worth buying, I think I'll buy at the airport for some tax free discounts. & Japanese books i can buy in Japan to save alot more money.


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