Friday, April 04, 2008

千六百四十五: Vista chick

Installed this little birdie clock on my Vista sidebar in the office PC. a little bit of cheer it brings to a dull workday, but I guess seeing the time in stark numbers keeps me reminded more of the time than the PC clock on the taskbar at the bottom which I always choose to hide so that other people can't see how many windows I have open. :P

Learnt abit of new stuff at work cos we were short-handed and I had to help with to clear logs. didn't help with that many cos I hadn't handled these tools before but maybe I can help out more on Monday. It was the thinking up the Japanese replies that took up alot of my time.

We realised Hammie enjoyed watching tv. Everyday at the 9pm show, he would be looking out of his tiny house at the TV until the show ended. Regarding the 9pm show, I thought it was unnecessary for Adam Chen's character to die so horribly. It was such a family oriented show I thought it would have a happy ending for everyone! and the next show seems so violent... i don't like. 9pm shows should be heartwarming instead of about cheating and deceit and bloodshed!

Just to add on, was looking at friendster. one of the buggers who tried to ask me out and he was purposely being vague about his status (attached or not) and then kept trying to ask me out on a date and saying i can date what, bf not around when I kept saying if he is not attached then can ask girls out. So, he refused to say if he was attached or not, I couldn't be bothered to even entertain chats with guys who can't even be honest about their status, and saw his friendster page so went to take a look. Married or at least has a steady gf since uni years, and he actually can talk to me about dating me etc so freely?? girls, better look after your bfs, guys are really people who can't be trusted.


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