Thursday, April 03, 2008

千六百四十四: Poison Prawns

oh no.. just got poisoned by some prawns. was ok throughout dinner until I ate the prawns. immediately my tongue started to feel itchy, and my throat felt like they were closing up on me. and the uvula (the hanging thing at the back of the throat) felt like it had swelled up to fill up my whole throat. so uncomfortable. argh...

Had lunch with XH today, was a good change to not feel so tense and awkward at lunch.

Was doing up sharepoint sites at work today. I realise, if you suggest some idea, you better do it, else people will just hem haw over the idea until they can see something visual and really understand what you were saying. They hem and haw over the idea because they think it might be pushed onto them to do it, but then why are they so afraid? when I suggest something, I will do it, and I only suggest because I know I can do it. I wonder who will grade my performance this year. Haven't had a 1-1 meeting with any superior in 5 months. haven't had a team meeting in 4 months. our team is running well because we know what we are supposed to do very well. the ex-boss laid down the foundation very well. But how long is it going to last? I think the team feels quite dispirited, especially for me with the tension going on, and the way some pple is assuming some domineering tones when talking to the rest of us, or some pple who keeps lowering morale by saying they don't feel like working etc etc. Negative people with negative attitudes only serves to bring down the rest of the team!

K-san will leave us to return to Japan at the end of this month. 2 of the 4 girls on the KL trip will be left here. :( I hope G-san is having fun in Cambodia right now.


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