Tuesday, April 01, 2008

千六百四十二: 1 more month!

Dental appointment today, I chose red for this month for good luck. The dentist tightened alot today, because I told him I hoped to get the braces off before the JP trip. it hurt like mad when he took the bracket off one of the teeth (the most stubborn one that we're trying to close the gap of) and changed to something stronger so that he could use a thicker wire. It felt like he was trying to pluck the tooth off as well. (T.T) well.. a little pain for a beautiful smile permanently. :D must use my tongue to push it abit more, that always works. can't wait can't wait!!

Made the booking for Hyatt Regency Osaka as well. Thanks Lov!! Super super looking forward to this, but then it will also mean that the trip is coming to an end. sighz. Happy times are always the shortest.

2 pple that I have barely spoken to in years suddenly made contact with me and tried to ask me out on dates. they asked me the same question as an opening: "so how come you can last so long in your long distance relationship?" then with that, they try to ask me out after i say that I barely have time to rest on the weekends, where got so much time to think.  what's up with these pple? I'm still getting over being hurt by some idiot and more pple comes along. what's up with the universe!? Stop throwing these pple at me! testing my loneliness limit is not fun!!


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