Sunday, April 13, 2008

千六百五十一: Isetan

I realised I had a voucher expiring on 30th April so had to use it asap. Went to isetan to see if they have anything worth buying, I had wanted to use the vouchers to buy the vacuum bags (packmate) for the JP trip. - thanks to the tip from hawx, I'll go check out Daiso.

heard some bad news yesterday night. I went shopping and dinner with G-san and then we actually parted ways pretty early. I reached home at about 9.30pm and was actually sms-ing her at around that time. However, she came online at about 1am and told me she had been robbed in her block's lift!! omg!! i was very shocked, and the guy had taken her bag at knifepoint. She thinks its a Chinese guy with tanned skin, and it was at bukit merah area, near SGH, the temple area. Please look out / be very careful!

Didn't sleep well last night, alot of weird dreams and the sun came up so early and bright and I just couldn't sleep any more. I need darker curtains!!

big day tomorrow. please let there be justice in this country..


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