Friday, April 11, 2008

千六百五十: 無印良品

today gave me a new motivation to hurry and get a new job in JP.

due to having no manager, our team is having no say in anything and some managers dun even have the courtesy to at least email me saying the lead for the project in not me anymore. at the very least. of course I had expected to be part of the discussions but apparently not. I'm very disgusted. Very angry as well as I've been doing alot to make this my work to show for the year.

spoke to a few people (JP managers whom i can confide in) and asked them to keep a lookout for open positions in Japan for me if possible. they were quite sympathetic as they do feel on their end that the people who is supposed to be supervising our team have not kept them in the loop for various issues regarding JP as well. grrrrrr.

but really. very unhappy. i love my job but i hate these pple who are doing the managing. what managing actually??


yesterday went to Marina SQ / Suntec. there was the Aigner/ Levi's warehouse sale at suntec. even at 50% off, the aigner bags were kinda expensive (>$500). in the end didn't get anything.

had dinner at Thai express, then went to planet Traveller to try to find the travel-use vacuum ziplock kinda bag. (not the disposable kind). they only had the single side zip part, not the one i saw before. I wonder where to get that!! maybe JP i guess.

went to Muji cos my cousin wanted a 2nd look at the watches. The cartier watch was on discount ($6000 off) and still $20000+. haha. oh at Muji, we both got something from the houseware section. He got a toothbrush holder/cup and i got an acrylic case for my cosmetics. looks pretty cool, will take a pict soon. quite useful, but I think i need something else for the long stuff (mascara /lip gloss etc. ) maybe a starbucks plastic cup would surface actually, i'm using that as a penholder in my office anyway. environmentally friendly oso.

attending a talk by HSBC tonight.

finally its friday. but shit. tomorrow gotta do the casual conversation thing in french class.


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