Friday, April 25, 2008

千六百五十八: Charity Bazaar

tired to blog.. the workday before a vacation always feels the longest.

charity bazaar in office.. bought vcds and luckily there was something from 木村拓哉!


even though I watched it b4, its definitely better to be able to watch it again and again. and anyway, its for charity!

we were caught in the hallway by the camera man - as u can see my purchases in my hands..


the day b4 we had farewell dinner for M.. and we went to this korean restaurant at tanjong pagar area. It was not too good. ;( i think the worst part was the part where we couldn't BBQ the beef ourselves. after that we went for drinks at Artery at red Dot Traffic. not bad atmosphere but abit expensive. all in all, fun nite and i'll definitely miss her ... our KL group has only me and go-san left!! (T.T)

flying tmr evening, change of plans such that I wont be taking any leave at all, just working on the normal working days in tokyo. well half good half bad.. have french test in the afternoon first. i better study and pack tonight!!


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