Saturday, April 19, 2008

千六百五十五: 悪夢

Due to Ryo having a work trip on 9th May, I decided to leave for Tokyo and spend the weekend at Tokyo from 9th - 11th as well. So I had to cancel the osaka hyatt stay and Ryo decided to pick Hotel Century Southern Tower for the stay in tokyo instead. Since it's the hotel above the MS in Tokyo, I thought I would just work that day and clear some work (and save a day of leave) before coming back to sg on 11th.

Had a very weird dream last night. Dreamt that I was having dinner with Ryo and a group of friends. Near the end of the dinner, Ryo got up to leave. So I asked him, where was he going, he said he was going to watch a movie, then I was like ?? what about me? and he said something like "You do your own things, I'm doing mine" and just left me there and I was like "even though I came all the way after not having met each other for so long??" and started to cry.. (T.T) what a weird and sad dream.....

I'm still stuck at 94% 支持率 for Sim City 2 DS. it's moving like 1% every few hours?? a bit the slow.....

I didn't know that my room was so good for sunrise pictures..
Sunrise from my room, mid-April 2008


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