Tuesday, April 22, 2008

千六百五十六: So many things to do....

ok i will say sorry for seemingly blogging less nowadays... was so occupied with sim city last week and happy to say that I cleared it! :D ahead of the guys of cos. wahaha. on saturday. There was a false alarm of me losing my keys but luckily, I had only left them at my office desk. phew.

French test next weekend. abit the scared, cos I didn't really diligently revise for the past few weeks. :s

and oso busy with work. no time to even breathe or go to the loo, cos my lead is passing me alot of work regarding her own tool even. well i don't mind the chance to learn, but I do miss a little the time when I had time to clear my own stuff abit. haven't checked my accounts for a long time, want to get clear on what I have to spend b4 going on holiday. i'm leaving this saturday night in fact, feeling very very lacking in proper sleep for the past few weeks. (dunno why..must be the staying up late to play sim city..) had about 20 to-do items on my rough paper at work today and cleared the list to about 4 by 5.30pm. phew. Only at about 3pm could I take a breath and relax abit.

went to vivo today with H to submit his credit card application. daiso was closed!! abit shocked, was like huH!? when I went there. irritating!! I wanted to get my travel ziplock bag - thanks to hawx for telling about them. got 1 on Sat and tested it out on Sunday.. it was very good! now gotta get at least 2-3 more. then we sat at the sofas at GV to play DS until about 10pm. haha.. yes we are gaming otakus.

i better remember to go to the dentist tmr and maybe the doc's if i hv time.. Also gotta get something from Marks & Spencer's for some pple in the tokyo office..


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