Thursday, May 01, 2008

千六百六十: 東京

almost 1 week in tokyo le

  • Sunday --- Shuttling between airports, it was Narita to hotel to Haneda then Ikebukuro then hotel and had italian food near the hotel
  • Monday --- work, sushi lunch with Maya at myLord and then dinner with Ryo at バンタイ a thai restaurant at Kabuki-cho.
  • Tuesday --- Odaiba from early morning after checkout from itabashi, stoned around Fuji Television area myself as Ryo had work at a Capcom event at Big Sight. met him for lunch at Decks, and we wandered around Palette town until evening, he went back to Osaka, I went to check in at 西新宿 area.
  • Wednesday --- work , PM beside me brought me to lunch, a pasta place in front of the office building. then treated me Starbucks as well. Dinner was with the ex capcom colleagues, at a 焼肉 restaurant at 初台。
  • Thursday --- finally no queue at Krispy Kreme this morning! a rare sight, quickly went in and bought 1 donut for breakfast. they gave me a donut free as well. keke. PM brought me to lunch again and invited my ex-boss as well. she treated me to korean チゲ for lunch. and also a drink from Tully's. :D every one is so kind to me!! but there is a problem, dunno what to do about dinner tonite. I called robert and he seems to be working late so maybe I better have dinner myself first.
  • Friday --- work, then meeting Ayako for lunch with Mikako-san and Y-san. should be eating 和食 japanese food. Have to remember to pass the DVDs to Yoshioka-san's sister as well as collect her cosmetics.
its getting warmer, just after I bought a cool looking jacket to wear. sianz. Maybe i'll go walk around takashimaya later.

Fuji Television Network
my beloved Fuji Television Network building in お台場


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