Monday, May 19, 2008

千六百六十八: A Day at the Races

Went to turf club with the japanese guys from the office yesterday.


never been to the turf club before and always my impression is of those .. gambler type old men so was glad for a chance to go take a look under the protection of 5 other guys. :D

$7 for admission into the upper grandstand area which was airconditioned.

then.. at first we stood around, cos those ah pek booked the seats with their newspapers.. no seats aniwhere! the races started at 3.30pm, and we stood for 2 races, guessing the results and finally only began to buy at the 3rd race. and i won a small amt because i happened to buy the correct top 3 horses based on S anyhow saying buy these 3. keke. after that it was like lose lose lose but O won $80+ for his correct guess of first placing for race 4 and S won finally at the last race about $150+ by fluke when he bet on a horse which wasn't very popular. well done! at least everyone won something, and we had dinner at Jurong east after that (winners treat of cos) heh..

Photos here:

finished my work very fast in the office today and was bored out of my mind.. partly cos I was sleepy also.. hopefully tmr is better. good night!!


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