Saturday, May 17, 2008

千六百六十六: Crystal Jade Dining In

Dinner with S last night at Vivocity, at Crystal Jade Dining In. 

Its been 2 months. ..

Dinner was ok, sometimes weird pauses. hmm. but overall ok. I guess it's not only me who's weird. both of us still feel abit weird. 

After dinner, walked to the benches outside Vivocity facing sentosa and sat there and had a good chat until 11pm. He is the most resolute guy out of all 3, which is a relief, cos I was sick of indecisiveness and really wanted someone to just decide stuff for me. and at least he is supportive as well. everyone is giving me the same advice for watever i'm facing now... argh. i guess now the only thing holding me back is my teeth and eyes. (braces... gotta finish up the treatment and then want to do lasik b4 i leave.)


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