Thursday, May 15, 2008

千六百六十五: さん

吉岡さん treated me to dinner today for helping her bring back stuff from Japan from her sister. :D

had a nightmare last night, that we were quarrelling.

woke up with a headache.

dreams are so tiring.

I feel more tired than if I had never slept I think.

Redmond trip coming up again, I just wish they would confirm the dates though.

post-JP depression is sinking in alot more this time. I dunno how to cure it, there is nothing to look forward to, only me to push myself to maybe find a job in JP. but do I really want to leave here? Maybe to be allowed to work in tokyo every 2-3 months is a better option.

i feel kind of sour at some of the things i heard today. I had decided that such talk was common and it might or might not be true but I shouldn't let it affect my emotions but it does, no matter what, to hear of others being treated/met up with the way I wanted but can't, all because I'm not in the same country. Even so, I think things will be very difficult to be in the same area. I can't really concentrate.

and to be asked the weirdest question. like .. why u dun tell the users to do it themselves. erh. because i'm supposed to be support? and like i've been handling it ok, I like to do it anyway, its a learning process for me as well, so why are u questioning me? if I am complaining about my workload, fine, u can be harsh with me for being stupid and accepting requests, but I'm not complaining, so why so ji4 jiao4? keeps me on my toes about new SKUs, about new issues, about new additions to the system so I'm not complaining. i love testing the system in fact, putting it through all sorts of trouble so that if anything happens I can seek the solution. so. why not do the extra job? weird.. these pple. well. and I got no authority to say no, as a CS, my neck is on the line. so . if u wan to say no, u say it for me. i prefer my time to be occupied than to sit down and surf net anyway.


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