Tuesday, May 20, 2008

千六百六十九: Jobs in JP

Getting started on the JP job search, contacted a JP based agency and they asked me to send them my resume. After I sent them the English resume, they asked me to send them the japanese one.. and sent me some samples. its like the first round of japanese tests. argh. gotta do them up by tonite and ask some trusted pple around me to vet the letters for grammatical errors.

Was asking the pple around me how they found jobs in coming to SG. I guess the first step is to approach the agents first.. and they sent me all sorts of websites. very helpful. I would hate to leave... if not for the fact that either i have to sacrifice them or sacrifice a life with ryo. argh.

Nothing much going on at work these days, i'm now almost a full-time gatekeeper, which sucks. Not challenging (braindead job...) and my head hurts from not using it at all for the whole day.

haiz. hv to continue on the JP resumes... ciaoz


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