Sunday, June 08, 2008

千六百八十二: SQ16

Finally in Seattle now, at Courtyard Marriott Bellevue. Feel abit cheated, the Hyatt Regency was much better and nearer to civilisation. here it feels like an old hotel? with not a single convenience store next to it. grrr. the hotel doesnt even have a lobby where u can take cabs from. (super koyak!?)

the flight was too long. i wasn't able to sleep much, which resulted in a very zombie-like feeling when i finally reached San Francisco and also a sore throat. & i was surrounded by big sized pple again!! (being cramped in my seat not being able to sleep for 18 hours is a damn sucky feeling.) feeling very grouchy and angry at the stupidity of the checks where they allow people to buy water after the security check but not bring into the plane. u dun trust the food you sell? what for have the security check? JP airports still have the best arrangement.

dapao-ed dinner from Asian Spoons.. ate a pill.. going to sleep ...


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