Sunday, June 22, 2008

千六百八十九: Body Combat

today's gym session must be the most tiring of all.

firstly lack of sleep. woke up at about 9am (supposed to have woken up at 7plus but the whole family overslept) and then took a quick shower b4 parents drove me down to orchard.

walked about 1.6km on treadmill to warm up, went on the stepper thing for about 1km, then joined the body combat class with J. today's was the same steps as thurs, its really a test of coordination more than anything else for me. and the lunges. argh. almost broke an ankle when i involuntarily locked my ankle on landing once but luckily nothing happened except of a bit of soreness for a while after. and some weird jumps that i can't get. after the hour long session, walked 2km (at about 6.5km/h), stepped 1km and cycled 2.5km? did abit of sit ups too but i don't really like to use the machines cos i see so many sweaty guys use them.

walked to taka with J to see the samsung phones after that. but only for a while, cos i had to meet another J for lunch. had a good catch up session, and its been a while since i've been to the east area.

reached home feeling quite tired. cleared up lots of mail & envelops that were lumped on my table. sorted out my cosmetics as well (had been lazy in unpacking my stuff properly from the seattle trip) Ryo's going to US in July, to the E3 games show in LA. chatted with him for >3 hours today, its been 3 weeks since we properly chatted with each other due to his & my worktrips overlapping. finally decided on a hotel for Cheju, they have so many beautiful resorts there that it's hard to choose. (and the prices oso very high) i better confirm the september leave with my boss tomorrow as well. & also the date in October for Ryo to come to Sg.


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