Tuesday, June 17, 2008

千六百八十五: zoHan

watched the movie *You don't mess with the Zohan* in SF with XQ on Saturday evening.

We had a relaxing day in SF, mainly shopping at A&F and Coach and then my clinique stuff and it was time for the movie. had an unfortunate ice cream incident related to my luggage in the morning and now the smell of milk is still stenching the whole thing. luckily it was mostly things that could be cleaned up but they also kinda stink now.

the movie was very funny but also abit too raunchy.

was supposed to hv a marathon of gossip girl but i fell asleep ... :S felt abit bad but its hard not to if i woke up at 5.30am everytime b4 I went to xq's place.

got quite mad / irritated / sick of someone. she talks too much, nv at the appropriate moments and now i understand why the comments about her were made the way they were.


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