Tuesday, June 24, 2008

千六百九十: I need music!

quite angry at someone today.

her lack of listening/decision skills is really getting to me. all she knows is to whine whine whine/make use of pple. & come up with some stupid processes that will force us to go back to the stone ages.

and my seinnheiser earphones went all weird in the left side. I should have bought the JBL ones in SF! argh. I realised I can't do w/o earphones on the bus; kids and somemore stupid kids really piss me off. esp those who play their music from their handphones LOUDLY. I wonder what the phone companies were thinking to make music players that can play sooo loudly on handphones. do the designers even ride on public transport to know that such brats / idiots exist?

& apparently Citibank got some stupid rule about increasing credit limit increase. I must have a reason of travelling then they will increase. i was like huh?? its because i travelled thats y i need the increase now but cos i was stupid enough to tell the truth then they don't let me have an increase? -.-

going to go the gym tmr evening again I think. but just to workout a little since I can't wear contacts anymore & since I dun have much to do in my life, might as well get toned in the meantime. it never hurts to have more slender legs. :D


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