Wednesday, June 25, 2008

千六百九十一: Sore Abs

Today went to the Bodylicious class at california fitness Raffles place with the guys. 

it was disgustingly tough. 

the class is good, as in I can see how u really get the abs by probably going to the class consistently but that's if u don't drop dead halfway. its like nearly a whole hour of leg raises, sit ups and crunches and squats/馬歩. the guys almost died with me, so I wouldn't say its cos i'm weak. hahaha. 

have managed to drop my weight back to 45kg, now to maintain it. 

finally got my leave dates confirmed, I hv to book the ticket after clearing my credit card bill first. i regret my excessive shopping in SF. I think it was the wallet at the airport that killed me. but if I actually calculate properly, I still have savings left end of this month though? so i'm kinda confused as to whether I did overspend or not. 

still damn irritated by that person from yesterday. had a meeting today. and other pple who saw us having the meeting gave me the face when they saw me having the meeting. (these pple totally understood my feelings) & i was glad for some pple on my side. Some pple just dunno when to shut up and listen. the more u talk, the more u just show how stupid u are. however, did the person think we were all idiots to not be able to hear through all the smart alecky talk? 


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