Saturday, July 05, 2008

千六百九十六: I can see!!

back from Lasik!

did it at Shinagawa Lasik Clinic, results from the Post Op Day 1 review was 0.00 for both eyes. -> think that means 6/6 for both eyes. yay! but still stabilising so trying to minimise use of PC and tv cos i find that my eyes get very tired after that. so trying to look at everywhere but the pc now, (truly blind typing) 

zc's birthday gathering last nite, must be truly beginner's luck, cos I won like $10. :D so happy! we played texas hold em up poker. a little complicated but quite fun. 

ok logging off to save my eyes


Anonymous minimint said...

Hi! Not sure if my previous comment is received. I chanced upon your blog. Am also interested to do lasik. Can you share your experience with Shinagawa? Is Dr Lee and staff experienced and good? What about the technology? Hope you can share! Thanks!

4:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

Hi minimint,
didn't receive your previous comment..
I would say I'm pretty satisfied with the whole process - very professional & the whole process was painless.

Staffwise, I guess Dr Lee was very patient in answering questions I had, technology I think they used intralase, but as it was painless, and I recovered very quickly, it was good enough for me.
For the more specific questions, I would suggest you go for a consultation (as everyone's eyes are not the same & I don't want to give you any wrong info by accident..) :) it would probably be best to let the doctor tell you whats best.

:) all the best!

4:22 pm GMT+8  
Anonymous minimint said...

hello booboogal, thanks for yr prompt reply. i think i shall go for a consultation with Dr Lee then.

4:00 pm GMT+8  

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