Monday, July 21, 2008

千七百〇五: The Dark Knight

Watched Dark Knight with J after gym yesterday. the movie lasted about 2.5 hours. and would advise people not to watch at cineleisure if it was screening in hall 4, cause the hall was the small screen with many many rows of seats. -.-

Christian Bale looked very good as bruce wayne. but his weird voice synthesizing thing was a turnoff as batman. & very violent joker. :( couldn't watch when he sliced those mouths open.. poor thing of heath ledger to have this show as an end to his career!! (T.T) very good maniacal acting of course, but would have wanted to see him in somemore shows like 10 things i hate about u.

we had Sakae teppanyaki for lunch. the mushrooms tasted very mushroomy.. i dunno how to describe, abit sourish? I don't like that taste, prefer if the mushroom was cooked with more sauces. walked around abit and I wanted to check out how much was the instant camera but couldn't find anywhere selling it. I guess have to go back JP to buy it le..

watching Hancock with A today and going to the gym with her too. Maybe N-san will be joining us as well.


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