Thursday, July 31, 2008

千七百十一: Fed up

fed up with the stupidity of some b-person (as i've mentioned before) but glad that she is showing herself up and proper during these meetings.

went to Body Balance with A today, it was conducted by J's brother. Abit weird, he totally dun look like J.

I realised I had double-booked myself on Sunday. D had sent me the invite to her baby girl's bday party since weeks ago and I had forgot about it until today but I had also promised to go for Dim Sum Lunch with the Japanese ladies also. argh. guess I have to cancel with the Japanese ladies.

been working on the new status sheets with H's help. First time I really try to understand excel macros. I always try to improve upon the previous versions, either from feedback or just my own feelings about wat's lacking. Trying to make everything as convenient for everyone as possible, because their main worry should be testing, but dunno if the new files will help them achieve that. hopefully. hmm.

ooh made this during the beading session on Monday:
High Heels Earrings
high heels earrings


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