Wednesday, July 23, 2008

千七百〇八: Weights

today i joined Y-san at Cathay for a Total Body Sculpt class. terribly tiring. it consisted alot of lifting weights and my arms were totally in no shape to do weights. after a while, couldn't move anymore. there was some weird guy in the class who tried to talk to me, who seemed to be in his own world and then who kept to his own pace instead of the instructor's but had a cute instructor who seemed to be straight for a change. & then the weird guy kept moving closer who was quite irritating since he had so much space in front of him. argh. weird.

after that my arms were so tired I had problems using chopsticks. (-.-!)

work was quite boring today, sans all the early morning meeting this morning that I had to join myself. argh.

abit braindead now, 8am meeting tmr morning again so off to bed i go.


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