Sunday, August 10, 2008

千七百十五: UAT

Lack of posts the past week due to being lazy busy.

UAT time this month again, being the Regional Coordinator is really a killer this time due to the volume of tests we are expected to execute & having to coordinate so many pple. wish that some of them would be more cooperative though. doesn't it irk u when u send out a very complete email that these people don't even bother to read then ping you for every little thing that could have been resolved if they had just read the emails? whats the point of having a mailbox if you don't read your mail?

Went to the gym on tue, wed and thurs.

Yesterday was a super unlucky day. I lost $50, dropped it i think, almost the minute i got it w/o realising. Until when I had reached the gym then I remembered the $50 & it couldn't be found by that time. sianz. got to the gym, waited a while, then I checked with the reception to realise that there were no classes cos it was national day. what a waste of my time!! so I took a shower, headed to peninsula to collect photos, but guess what, the shop was closed as well. argh!! headed home dejectedly. stayed at home the rest of the day to avoid more bad luck.

had very weird dreams this morning. dreamt of a huge tsunami and I was trying to escape it, then woke up in fright. ate breakfast, dozed off and dreamt of some weird evil ghosts who were trying to deny me my mushroom swiss burger. after that .. the dream continued to have my handphone stolen by some chinese foreigner worker at a bus stop. wonder wats going on in my head.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand that email thing. Many a time I do that and still recipients ask me about it coz they only glance thru the email. Worse thing is, they can still ask me about stuff when I have clearly written that in the email. I always end up scolding them :(

9:39 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

Ya !! i totally felt like scolding them & screaming at them at the end of the day! why they can't learn to work more independently?

4:19 pm GMT+8  

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