Monday, August 25, 2008

千七百十八: Fireworks

went to meet xh for dinner on Friday. due to work, i was late by about an hour... ate at sakae teppan.. dunno why their rice was so dry it felt like the rice scratched my throat.. hmm .. after that we sat chatting at Gloria Jeans until nearly midnight.. I guess the influence of your surroundings is really very important in how your attitude is towards the things you do. how much you want to put in effort for everything you do depends on how much the other around you want to put in effort as well. if you are surrounded by a bunch of slackers, would you want to work hard? I don't think so. & since everyone is slacking, why would you know what is harder work than what effort you are seeing? we don't see why people can put in half-assed efforts & be proud of their "effort" thinking its cool to do whatever they are doing & laugh at people who put in wholehearted work. grr. anyway, highlight was that we got to see the fireworks by accident. :)

i'm so hooked on 花より男子 now... 小栗旬 is so handsome! i didn't know he was sooo tall. 1.84m! his character is so sad in the show.. 花沢類 is so melancholy... when 牧野つくし turned away when he tried to kiss her, the hurt on his face really made my heart drop.. (T.T) have been up til 2am every night trying to finish the show. heee.. i must watch the movie when it's out in sg! 花より男子ファイナル!!

finished work at 11.30pm today...


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