Wednesday, September 10, 2008

千七百二十一: Rainy day

ok so what's new? haha.. its raining again today, was sunny in the morning so we had about an hour of sunbathing before heading to our room cos of rain. tried to play metal slug 7 on DS and was able to last till Mission 3. Pity about the DS game is there are no cheats, and I'm just rubbish with only 9 credits.

We went down to patong to just be outside, in the end we stayed at starbucks after I bought a book - A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers while Ryo played DS. The book was funny, because I understood the literal translations made by the author from Chinese idioms & sayings & it was quite fresh to be seeing the perspective of a person who is learning English & the British culture as a 2nd language. and especially the parts where her culture clashed with her English lover's, some of it I could relate to. the very bad/broken english at the start could put you off though, but I can totally hear it in my head coming from a real person.

dinner at Burger King today, because Ryo had never eaten in a Burger King in his life. no Burger King in Japan except Tokyo recently that's why.

still having a stuck nose & an off and on sore throat. I hope this clears up tomorrow.


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