Tuesday, September 09, 2008

千七百二十: Phuket - Surin Beach

Blogging from Surin Beach - Phuket.

Had originally booked the stay in Patong, but... apparently our hotel wasn't ready to open, we were shifted to Surin Beach. ;( its so quiet here.. not many shops / restaurants. i reached here on Saturday, no sign of any political unrest except alot of armed guards at the airport.

Trip from airport to hotel was 450 baht, then we just napped the afternoon away. heh.

sunday/monday was raining. it was sunny for a while yesterday so we spent the morning at the pool but it started pouring again in the afternoon. we decided to rent a car for the rest of the week, & this morning we got a car. (Braun car rental - only 1200 baht per day with full insurance) we drove down to patong, which was great cos we finally saw the beautiful sea & the sun lasted until mid afternoon. I had a facial for 299 baht - about S$12?! super cheap.. and felt very shiok.. have been sleeping alot these few days, which was good, but dunno why i just don't feel that well-rested still.. in the afternoon, we walked around the shopping complex at Patong (because it started raining again) & its really very tiring to try to bargain with the thais. in the end we just decided not to buy. after lunch/dinner at 4.30pm... we went to shop at carrefour. then drove back to our hotel with the sun setting.

thais drive crazily, including the motorbikes with 3 pple on them. well, we just try to give way & overtake only when enough width is on the road.

being in Phuket just reminds me of the tsunami incident & i can see how the worst hit area would be patong having no highland near the beach area at all. at least the buildings here at this beach is so far inland that it would take some time. I'm not sure if these signs were there b4, but there are now tsunami warning signs all along the beach town.

the best things about hotel rooms is that i get to watch all the shows on national geographic. super interesting, esp air crash investigation. so far, not many interesting movies, Jarhead was the best so far, about US marines stationed in Iraq, the rest were all repeats..

got a bad flu here... going to sleep ..


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