Sunday, October 05, 2008

千七百二十八: Eagle Eye

post op month 3 eye check yesterday morning at 9am, then hot Yoga class at millenia walk. I don't know why I just couldn't do my best in the class yesterday.

watched eagle eye with J yesterday. cool stunts, abit too scary at times at the way everything was controlled so perfectly. possibility of this situation happening in real life, too, where we are monitored by so many electronic devices everywhere we go.

bowling practice in the afternoon and quite badly played the first 2 games, besides the bowling alley being very lousy. (superbowl marina) countless times where our hits were not counted. mt faber's one we went on thurs was better, i guess cos its new, very slippery though. I think I would say the West Coast one has been the best one so far, and not crowded as well..

went to see the car show, and I see why no one's going. there were so little cars! what happened to all the lambos, porches, ferraris? who wants to see the normal cars like the subarus/hondas/nissans??? even the BMWs were better but not around. the whole thing just looked so tacky.. what happened to the car shows of 3-4 years ago?

in the evening we went DblO.. i drank too fast & couldn't even finish a jug of long island tea before my head started to spin.. then i just dozed off while we went to a pub nearby to watch soccer. woke up when the match was over, & there was police all over the place, apparently been a fight or something and there was ambulance there as well. police was all over the place taking prints and stuff. it was quite fun to be awake and seeing all these pple behaving strangely outside the club. at least I just fall asleep.. :p only got home around 4.30am in the morning.

today helped A in her moving house. mainly setting up the tv & cable tv & dvd player & internet for her. had lunch at din tai fung after that, and i was half dead by then to have woken up at 9am.. wanted to nap after coming home but decided to skype & decide on stuff for upcoming trips with Ryo instead. nodding off now though... good nite!


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