Sunday, September 28, 2008

千七百二十六: 26歳

Happy birthday to me!♪


26 years old today, suddenly I've leaped to the late 20s category. OMG!!!!

Thank you to all who sent me birthday wishes / gave me birthday treats.
- Hawx for treating me lunch at Shokudo Raffles City
- Local girls from MS - Thank you for dinner at Tonkichi Suntec & the Nike gym bag I've been hankering after since I saw it in Phuket
- Edwin for his Soba dinner & movie treat & agnes b skinny which will come in very useful for lunch
- Julius for treating me ice cream & accompanying me to shop for formal evening wear
- Akane & James & Calvin & my sis for their facebook messages
- Ayako for sending me a mixi message
- smses from Anthony & my cousin & Xinhuan
- msn msgs from QY
- Ryo for emailing me & calling me at about 12 midnight last night :D

very stupid of me to keep forgetting to take pictures with everyone this year..

so only took pictures of the presents -
the Nike Vintage print bag

agnes b skinny 

& angbao from my parents :D

ok I better go shower & get ready to watch the F1 races!
I think I'm supporting Raikkonen - very handsome haha, but don't think he will win..

& forgot to put my resolutions for this age. or should I say goals?
1. Tone up - must not have any flab & have to strengthen my abs.
2. Save up - must have at least 20K in cash savings by 27
3. Career up - must fight for higher salary next negotiations


Anonymous Atsumi said...

Hey happy happy birthday to you!!
Stay cute, healthy and forever young! =)

It's getting colder n colder these days in japan.
I really miss Singapore. want to go back there as soon as possible!

7:23 pm GMT+8  

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