Friday, September 19, 2008

千七百二十三: How to make people not work for you

Finally Friday..

Hectic week. because.. some buggers at work really know how to scream and shout but not do any work. These pple send tons of emails in a rude/sarcastic tone and I don't see them giving concrete instructions/information in their email. they only know how to pick on work other pple do, and all they do is ask stuff like *can i get this thing in a "consumable" format." comeon ,you receive the same emails as me and u are so stupid that u can't read the emails yourself? want me to collate the emails into 1 simple sentence for u? that is the most stupid thing I've ever heard. u want us to read the email to you aloud? these people I hate, they have no idea what they actually want to see, just make alot of noise hoping someone will make their jobs cushy & to protect their own asses saying - ya i pushed for them to do something wat!! pui! If I have your request nicely asked to me, I would maybe feel obliged to complete your requests but now its really just disgust .. learn some manners first b4 u get people to give u the work you want.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeaaa,i understand this situation.
Sometimes those ppl are very annoying...
Only if they ask me politely, I'll happy to show them on how to... At the end, "attitude" really matters!
- Atsumi

7:30 am GMT+8  

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